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5 min readDec 7, 2021


Want to know what’s new in the world of custom team wear? Let’s catch up! Many trends tend to come and go, but we have a feeling that these are here to stay. These design trends are simple and can be adapted to any type of style or vibe. Today we’re going to take a look at three design trends and one general trend in team wear. Design trends can range in appearance depending on how you incorporate that design into your team wear. When discussing each trend, we will also show you some different ways that it can be used.

Color Block

Our first trending design is “color block”. Colour block means blocks of color throughout your design. With 1970 to1990s inspired fashion making a comeback, the color block design has regained its popularity! This trend could present itself in a variety of ways: colored sleeves, squares of colors throughout your design, large stripes of color, and many more. If you look at the photo above, you’ll see multiple examples of ways you can incorporate color block into your team’s design. As you can see in the top right-hand corner, color block doesn’t have to mean bright, vibrant colors; it can be muted colors, or tones of white, grey, and black.

The beauty of custom team wear is just that, it’s completely custom. You have the creative freedom to choose from a large selection of colors to match your team’s branding. If you want to include color block into your team’s design, there are unlimited ways to incorporate this trend. The four examples shown are just a few ways to do color block. Other design ideas are a half and half jacket done in bright or muted colors, have the sleeves and top quarter of your jacket in a bright color, or have large diagonal stripes going through your design. The possibilities are endless with this trend as it’s super versatile and something that we see sticking around for a long time.

Tone on Tone

Tone-on-tone is a super versatile design trend! It can be adapted to any color scheme and design. Tone on tone is when you choose a color, use a darker shade of that color as the base and a lighter shade over top, or vice versa. This makes for a subtle design, even when using bright colors. Tone-on-tone can be done with your logo, repeated all over your garment in muted colors, an icon from your logo, or something that you believe represents your studio and your team’s branding. You can add any type of design element to the tone-on-tone trend. As you can see in the examples above, the jacket features the icons from their logo, the Halter Crop Top features repeated tone on tone text, and the shorts have a tone-on-tone design. These are only three examples of what can be done with the tone-on-tone design trend.

The tone-on-tone design can be combined with other design trends such as color block, ombre, patterns, etc. This is why it’s such a versatile design trend; there are no color restrictions on any tone-on-tone designs. The option is yours whether to choose bright, vibrant colors or to stick with a neutral palette.


Ombre is arguably the most popular trend in team wear design. The ombre design trend also boasts endless design possibilities. Ombre design is the blending of two colors with a seamless finish, meaning you don’t see a definitive line where the two colors meet. A neutral color is used between the two colors to create the appearance of the two colors blending. This can be done with multiple colors on the same garment, as seen in the example above. You can also choose only two colors for a more simple look. Ombre can be included in certain parts of your garment as well. For example, you could have repeating text throughout your garment and have the text be in an ombre pattern. Another option is having five colors repeating throughout the garment and having them in an ombre style so it’s one blend of all the colors.

Ombre can also be layered! Using ombre as a base for your garment, then layering different patterns and design elements can help bring dimension to your design.

Custom Training Wear

Now that we’ve discussed a few design trends, let’s discuss a general trend that we’ve recently seen become increasingly popular: custom training wear. We know the importance of looking like a team when going to events and competitions. However, the importance of custom training wear is often lost.

We’ve noticed in the past few years that many studios are starting to adopt this trend. There are numerous benefits to creating a training uniform for your students. Not only does custom training wear make your team look in unison even while training, but it makes them feel like a team while training. This is why we believe the trend of custom training wear has taken off.

The bond between dancers can be strong, but we want to help you make your team even stronger. A strong sense of membership can be a very powerful thing! For your students, being able to visually see their other team members in the same uniform as them, helps them subconsciously feel more part of their team.

If you’re worried about taking the choice away from your students, you can always present them with options. Limelight Teamwear boasts a wide variety of training wear. Having multiple training garments available to your students gives them the choice of what they’d prefer to train in, while remaining in unison with the rest of their teammates.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of custom training wear, check our blog other blogs on the topic such as, “Bringing Your Team Together with a Custom Look,” “What to Wear for Team Practice,” “How High-Quality Team Wear Can Help Your Team,” and more!



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